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Water Damage Repair and Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation and Water Damage Cleanup in Waycross,  Georgia

Mold remediation and water damage cleanup are constant hazards of life in Waycross,  Georgia.  Mold spores are present in nearly every home especially in warm, humid climates like Waycross and Hoboken. The homes in Waycross and surrounding neighboring towns are highly susceptible to water damage from flooding and resultant mold damage if the water damage is not dried properly and quickly. When the tides are rising and the rain falling, it is amazing how quickly homes can be over run with water. When dampness sets in swift action needs to be taken with respect to mold and mildew removal.


ss, Georgia Mold Removal

ss, Georgia Mold Removal

Mold spores enter your home through windows or air conditioners, or are carried indoors on your shoes and clothing. Once inside, spores need only two things to grow: a source of moisture and something to feed on. Your home has plenty of both.  If there is trapped moisture, a leaky pipe or water damage, mold is able to feed on building materials, carpets, furniture, and other common materials. It takes less than 24 hours to establish a new colony, but it may be a week or two before it grows to the extent that it is visible to the naked eye.  Mold may often appear as slightly furry, discolored, or slimy patches that increase in size as it grows. You have to realize that mold and mildew removal are something that has to happen sooner rather than later.

However, it is not always obvious that you have a problem.  Sometimes you can just faintly smell a musty odor, because the mold is growing in hidden places.  This unseen mold growth could be causing health issues for you and your family.  If you suspect you may have a mold problem, it is always best to have a certified mold inspector assess the overall condition of your home.

The presence of mold growth, water damage, or musty odors should be addressed quickly. Any sources of water must be identified and corrected and the extent of water damage and any mold growth determined. Water-damaged materials should be removed or cleaned and dried.

A local mold remediation specialist will be able to perform a Mold Inspection to identify the moisture problem and extent of mold growth.   This inspection will also include Mold Testing to assess the extent of mold in the house or building by determining the level of mold spores in the air. This will also determine the type of mold, locations of mold growth and potential risks.

The next step is Mold Removal (or Mold Remediation).  The goal of remediation is to remove or clean mold-damaged materials using work practices that protect occupants by controlling the dispersion of mold from the work area and protect remediation workers from exposures to mold.

Measures to ensure the quality and effectiveness of remediation should be undertaken. Evaluations, during as well as after remediation should be conducted, to confirm the effectiveness of remedial work, particularly for large-scale remediation.

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